Megabass Magdraft 6' MEGABASS

Code: 9048
A third bully appears in the megabass swimming soft lure that has opened up many tricky situations! Its development code name is X-SWIMMWER-MAGDRAFT. Known as 'Magdora'. As the name suggests, the natural body made of soft fur has a built-in magnet, and the triple hook that has scared the monster from 100 battles is glued to the body. At the same time that the presence of the hook is diluted, the resistance to the flow of water received by the hook that was dancing left and right is reduced. By following extremely natural action and vibration, we have achieved swimming performance and stable swimming balance in the area of ??the glass where the three huge needles interfered. The left and right protruding fins suppress body roll, reproduce natural bait swimming in a very natural body, and protect the two hooks that protrude from the top of the treble hooks that are in close contact with the body. Cup holder allows close contact as close to the lid as possible. Also, the hook that is in close contact with the body is released at the short strike level. The direct fighting style, which is directly connected to the line eye in the straight position, reduces the disparity caused by the hard fighting of aggressively rampaging monsters to the maximum limit Length: 15.24 cm Weight: 113 gr
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